Monday, November 24, 2014
Lil Baby Nutt // 19 weeks

How far along: 19 weeks
Gender: Boy!
Weight gain: 4 lbs. 
Maternity clothes: Jeans are officially cutting off my circulation when buttoned. Most of the time I'm in leggings or rigging my jeans.
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Decent. I've got a pillow between my knees every night and wake up every time I need to roll over to my other side.
Best Moment This Week: Our final ultrasound. It was our anatomy scan and everything checked out great. We have been thanking God for a healthy baby - an incredible blessing.  Baby boy was pretty stubborn at our appointment.  He didn't move at all! The ultrasound tech had me change positions, so we could get a clearer shot of his heart.  He turned just enough for her to confirm all is well and that is all. Little brat. :) Also, Marvin set up the best date night! He set up our living room and cooked a delicious meal for the two of us! Marvin hired the girls as waitstaff. They were so cute and did such a professional job! ;)
Worst Moment This Week: Back pain & round ligament pain is killing me. If I get up too fast, stretch, or sneeze, round ligament pain is right there to remind me that I'm pregnant!
Miss anything: I will miss having my mimosa or bloody mary while I start cooking on Thanksgiving morning. Boo.
Movement: Feeling more movement late at night, but nothing that can be felt from the outside yet.  The ultrasound tech said that it's because of how my placenta is positioned. 
Cravings: Same as last week. I did have a random craving late one night for Queen City BBQ's collard greens smothered in one of their vinegar based sauces. I didn't act on it in fear of getting arrested for breaking and entering.
Queasy or sick: Feeling good!
Looking forward to: Tomorrow we are headed to Sophia's school to hear her read her "Thankful" essay and excited to hear Marvin and the girls' thankful lists this year.  The ticket to our Thanksgiving dinner is a list of 27 things they're thankful for. :)

Monday, November 17, 2014
Lil Baby Nutt // 18 weeks

How far along: 18 weeks
Gender: Boy!
Weight gain: 4 lbs. thanks to the 5,189,027 fun size candy bars I feasted on. No regrets.
Maternity clothes: Still fitting in all my clothes and jeans, but I think I'll be using the hair tie trick soon.
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Sleep is back to normal, but I'm having REALLY crazy and scary dreams.
Best Moment This Week: I put up a few Thanksgiving decorations and started to finalize our menu.  We also had a doctor's appointment last Thursday.  It's always fun to hear the heartbeat! Baby boy was at 138 bpm!
Worst Moment This Week: Hello, back pain! Also, if someone could let my booty know that it doesn't have to be in competition with my bump, that would be great. :)
Miss anything: Deli meat...still. I'm thinking this may never change.
Movement: This little boy has been really relaxed. I haven't felt much movement at all.
Cravings: Cheese and smothering food in condiments...any kind of sauce, dressing, or ketchup. Tater tots and hashbrowns smothered in ketchup is my jam.  You should see the looks I get from Marvin - it ain't pretty, but it sure is delicious!
Queasy or sick: Feeling good, but have a constant stuffed nose.
Looking forward to: We have an ultrasound on Thursday which will include our anatomy scan.  This will most likely be our last ultrasound until Lil Baby Nutt arrives.  We've been pretty spoiled with ultrasounds!  Also, obviously looking forward to Thanksgiving. :)
Monday, November 10, 2014
Lil Baby Nutt // 17 weeks & Gender Reveal

How far along: 17 weeks
Gender: BOY!!!!!!! So excited!!
Weight gain: This is definitely happening, but won't know the number until later this week.
Maternity clothes: Still in regular clothes for the most part, but you can usually catch me with the top button of my jeans undone in the evening. :)
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: It's been a rough week. I can't seem to get comfortable and my dreams are intense and bizarre.
Best Moment This Week: Paris & Sophia brought home ahhhhhmazing report cards! They both made the Honor Roll and we couldn't be prouder! Also, getting a DVD of our 4D sonogram was really exciting to watch.
Worst Moment This Week: Headaches are back with a vengeance.
Miss anything: Deli meat...still.
Movement: Little flutters here and there - nothing consistent though
Cravings: Sharp, very sharp cheddar.
Queasy or sick: Not regularly, but I randomly threw up a couple mornings ago.
Looking forward to: Thanksgiving prep and cooking - one of my absolute favorite things to do!

I probably had a list a mile long of ideas for a gender reveal party even before I found out I was pregnant. But since our family and most friends are so far away, it wasn't in the cards.  I still wanted to do a fun reveal for the girls though!

I decided to purchase a blank canvas and some acrylic paint in the colors that we want to use in the nursery so that the girls would create the first piece of artwork to go into their brother's nursery! We set up the canvas and paint in our backyard, blindfolded the kids, and led them to the paint. They took turns splattering us the canvas with paint. When the blindfolds came off, it took a few seconds for the news to register and then there were happy shrieks and hugs! It was very sweet and they're very proud that their artwork will be displayed in the nursery. It's a gift full of love!

My heart is so full and I'm still in complete shock that I have a little boy growing inside of me!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Halloween Recap

We had such a fun-filled Halloween day and night!  Paris & Sophia had the day off from school, so we had plenty of time to celebrate all day.  We kicked off our morning with ghostly pancakes that the girls devoured!  Then, moved on to pumpkin carving.  I love pumpkin picking, but I only love the IDEA of pumpkin carving.  I'm the worst at carving and bending over while carving was not my idea of fun with my little bump! I managed though and they turned out pretty cute!

We made Jack-O-Burgers and our traditional Mummy Dogs for lunch and the girls watched some Halloween shows.  Marvin and I made a last minute run for Halloween candy since we managed to demolish the bags I picked up a few weeks ago.

The girls and I have been so excited for Halloween because of their costumes!  They decided about a month ago that they wanted to do a "sister costume" and go as the Emoji Girls! I loved this idea because it's adorable and it will be the last Halloween that it's just the two of them!  The girls headed to our neighborhood clubhouse for a little party and neighborhood parade.

I think this costume may be my favorite of theirs so far!
Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Lil Baby Nutt // 16 weeks

How far along: 16 weeks
Gender: We have a gender! We will be sharing soon!
Weight gain: Doctor appointment next week will let me know the damage done over Halloween ;)
Maternity clothes: Still in regular clothes for the most part.
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Sleeping pretty good at night. This week I've had to stick a pillow between my legs for comfort.  Never thought I would invest in one of those crazy looking pregnancy pillows, but it sounds so dreamy right now!
Best Moment This Week: Finding out the gender and MY SISTER, JENNA, CAME TO VISIT!! We had a blast catching up, going to the ultrasound, shopping, laughing, and celebrating Halloween together!  The ultrasound was so fun! It was about 20 minutes long and in 4d, so we got to watch baby's movements and get a good peek at the face. Baby was much more relaxed at this ultrasound than at the last one.
Worst Moment This Week: Sugar hangover. Ew.
Miss anything: Moisture. My skin and lips have been so dry.
Movement: Yes! Still little flutters - I just can't wait until Marvin & the girls can feel kicks!
Cravings: Nothing specific really.
Queasy or sick: Nope.
Looking forward to: Is it too early to say Thanksgiving dinner?

I don't have a chalkboard picture this week because I had to repaint my board, so hopefully next week we'll be back in business!

Monday, October 27, 2014
Lil Baby Nutt // 15 weeks

How far along: 15 weeks
Gender: Gender determination ultrasound this week!
Weight gain: Zero, but with Halloween candy lying around soon...this is bound to change!
Maternity clothes: Some - mainly for comfort reasons. A couple of basic shirts & really soft leggings.
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Where did that energy I was bragging about a week ago go? I've been napping daily and sleeping great at night this week!
Best Moment This Week: Sophia had a great school conference (Paris hasn't had hers yet), we had a fun BBQ & watched Hocus Pocus last weekend, and my mom got a puppy named Oreo! We recently lost our family dog, Rascal, so I'm happy that the new pup will bring them some joy! Also, the girls went to Parents Night Out at Sophie's gym, so Marvin & I had a solid 4 hours to get takeout and rent a movie. Heavenly!
Worst Moment This Week: On a light note...the development of "pregnancy mask" that showed up on my chin that we have cutely coined "soul patch". I had it with both the girls and it went away shortly after giving birth, but I was crossing my fingers that I would bypass this fun little prego symptom this time. Time to invest in some good concealer. :)
Miss anything: ENERGY.
Movement: Yes! Still little flutters.
Cravings: Ice cold beer (it's always the stuff you can't have!), toast with mayo, avocado, cold tomatoes, salt & pepper, and I've had quite the sweet tooth.
Queasy or sick: Nope.
Looking forward to: The ultrasound & HALLOWEEN!

Just for fun!
Gender Predicting
O L D  W I V E S  T A L E S
Baby's Heartrate
Below 140bpm  Above 140bpm
Chinese Gender Calendar
Boy  Girl
Baking Soda Test
Fizz  No Fizz
Salty  Sweet
Dry  Soft
Morning Sickness/Nausea
None  Yes
Yes  No
Mayan Legend
Boy  Girl

Monday, October 20, 2014
Lil Baby Nutt // 14 Weeks

How far along: 14 weeks - Hello, Second Trimester!!
Gender: We have a gender prediction from our ultrasound tech, but we are not sharing yet!
Weight Gain: 0
Maternity clothes: Still in my regular clothes.
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Sleeping awesome at night!
Best Moment This Week: Our ultrasound, of course! We received a healthy report on baby and that is such a relief.  The baby was giving the technician a hard time during our ultrasound - moving around everywhere! It was amazing to see and I was so happy Marvin was with me to see it all.  Another fun moment this week was a bake sale that Sophia hosted at our house to raise money for families that are currently living at the hospital while their child is fighting cancer.  The turnout was great and we had fun baking and selling goodies together as a family.
Worst Moment This Week: I've woken up with a headache every. single. day.
Miss anything: Turkey deli meat still - almost caved this week.
Movement: I've been feeling little flutters at the same time every evening and it was confirmed that I was actually feeling baby when I also felt it during the ultrasound and saw baby moving on the screen.  I felt Paris & Sophia much later in pregnancy, but the doctor said it's normal to feel the baby this early since it's baby number 3!
Cravings: My appetite is back and I've been all over the carbs (My husband's 1am grilled cheese sandwich...COME HERE LOVERRR! Wendy's Junior Cheeseburger get over here too!) this past week - hopefully the fresh veggies and fruit cravings will return soon. :)
Queasy or sick: Nope!
Looking forward to: Finishing up the girls' Halloween costumes and planning some fun things for them to do on Halloween since they're off school that day! Score!