Monday, October 27, 2014
Lil Baby Nutt // 15 weeks

How far along: 15 weeks
Gender: Gender determination ultrasound this week!
Weight gain: Zero, but with Halloween candy lying around soon...this is bound to change!
Maternity clothes: Some - mainly for comfort reasons. A couple of basic shirts & really soft leggings.
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Where did that energy I was bragging about a week ago go? I've been napping daily and sleeping great at night this week!
Best Moment This Week: Sophia had a great school conference (Paris hasn't had hers yet), we had a fun BBQ & watched Hocus Pocus last weekend, and my mom got a puppy named Oreo! We recently lost our family dog, Rascal, so I'm happy that the new pup will bring them some joy! Also, the girls went to Parents Night Out at Sophie's gym, so Marvin & I had a solid 4 hours to get takeout and rent a movie. Heavenly!
Worst Moment This Week: On a light note...the development of "pregnancy mask" that showed up on my chin that we have cutely coined "soul patch". I had it with both the girls and it went away shortly after giving birth, but I was crossing my fingers that I would bypass this fun little prego symptom this time. Time to invest in some good concealer. :)
Miss anything: ENERGY.
Movement: Yes! Still little flutters.
Cravings: Ice cold beer (it's always the stuff you can't have!), toast with mayo, avocado, cold tomatoes, salt & pepper, and I've had quite the sweet tooth.
Queasy or sick: Nope.
Looking forward to: The ultrasound & HALLOWEEN!

Just for fun!
Gender Predicting
O L D  W I V E S  T A L E S
Baby's Heartrate
Below 140bpm  Above 140bpm
Chinese Gender Calendar
Boy  Girl
Baking Soda Test
Fizz  No Fizz
Salty  Sweet
Dry  Soft
Morning Sickness/Nausea
None  Yes
Yes  No
Mayan Legend
Boy  Girl

Monday, October 20, 2014
Lil Baby Nutt // 14 Weeks

How far along: 14 weeks - Hello, Second Trimester!!
Gender: We have a gender prediction from our ultrasound tech, but we are not sharing yet!
Weight Gain: 0
Maternity clothes: Still in my regular clothes.
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Sleeping awesome at night!
Best Moment This Week: Our ultrasound, of course! We received a healthy report on baby and that is such a relief.  The baby was giving the technician a hard time during our ultrasound - moving around everywhere! It was amazing to see and I was so happy Marvin was with me to see it all.  Another fun moment this week was a bake sale that Sophia hosted at our house to raise money for families that are currently living at the hospital while their child is fighting cancer.  The turnout was great and we had fun baking and selling goodies together as a family.
Worst Moment This Week: I've woken up with a headache every. single. day.
Miss anything: Turkey deli meat still - almost caved this week.
Movement: I've been feeling little flutters at the same time every evening and it was confirmed that I was actually feeling baby when I also felt it during the ultrasound and saw baby moving on the screen.  I felt Paris & Sophia much later in pregnancy, but the doctor said it's normal to feel the baby this early since it's baby number 3!
Cravings: My appetite is back and I've been all over the carbs (My husband's 1am grilled cheese sandwich...COME HERE LOVERRR! Wendy's Junior Cheeseburger get over here too!) this past week - hopefully the fresh veggies and fruit cravings will return soon. :)
Queasy or sick: Nope!
Looking forward to: Finishing up the girls' Halloween costumes and planning some fun things for them to do on Halloween since they're off school that day! Score!

Monday, October 13, 2014
Lil Baby Nutt // 13 Weeks

How far along: 13 weeks
Gender: Unknown. I have an ultrasound later this week and I'm hoping for an early guess. Right now, Marvin, Paris, and I all think it's a girl and Sophia thinks it's a boy, but she's hoping for a baby sister.
Weight gain: None so far due to food aversions and major nausea my first 10 weeks.  I was basically living on crackers and ginger tea for the first 10 weeks.  My appetite is finally back, so I'm pretty sure this number will be jumping soon...wonder how long I'll keep updating the "weight gain" section. ;)
Maternity clothes: I've picked up a few pieces, but don't really need them yet.
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: I'm sleeping so great at night and my energy is slowly returning.
Best Moment This Week: Announcing our pregnancy last week, a much needed day at the hair salon, going to a fall festival with Paris & Soph, and a date night with Marvin!
Worst Moment This Week: Let's see...falling down the stairs as I rushed downstairs to grab the nebulizer machine at 5am.  Paris had asthma for the majority of last week.  Also, the flu shot and three-day headache were pretty crappy too.
Miss anything: Deli meat in a major way. I want a cold turkey sandwich with mayo, provolone, and Lay's potato chips, but deli meat isn't approved for pregnant women. Boo.
Movement: None yet
Cravings: Really, really, really cold fruit, sparkling lemon water (I hated lemon water before this pregnancy), and chopped salad from Capital Grille (it has every veggie you can think of, ice cold, and mixed with a light, delicious mouth is watering now).
Queasy or sick: Nope!
Looking forward to: Ultrasound this week and hoping that the weather cools down!
Tuesday, October 7, 2014
Lil Baby Nutt: Arriving April 2014!

We are so excited and feel so blessed to announce that we are expecting a baby in April 2014!  The girls are full of excitement and questions.  We already have bets on whether it's a boy or a girl!  Anyone have any guesses yet? :)

I had my 12 week appointment yesterday and the doctor was able to find the heartbeat using the doppler on the outside of my abdomen.  Ahhh, that sweet familiar sound! The heartbeat was very strong at 160bpm.  I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks and I'll have another one next week to continue to monitor our progress!  I'm excited to see our little baby again!

Thank you all so much for all the love, support and prayers! We've prayed many prayers for this little baby and I can't wait to meet Lil Baby Nutt this spring!

Monday, September 15, 2014
Paris' Birthday & The First Day of School

I have to play a bit of catch up! I've been terrible about blogging lately.  I'll blame it on getting back into the swing of things as school has started and our evenings are busier.  Also, getting used to Marvin being out of town for work, so flying solo at the home front has made life very interesting. :)

We celebrated Paris' birthday a couple of weeks ago.  Of course it was filled with my favorite two S-words: surprises & sweets!  We kicked off the morning with purple pancakes for my purple-loving 2 year old  12-year-old!  Later we celebrated with a make-your-own pizza bar with some of our favorite toppings and ended the night with gifts and a 4-layer purple swirl cake that I made.  The newly 12 year old beauty was allowed to stay up past her bedtime to watch the MTV VMAs!  It was kind of a big deal since the first day of school was the following day!

I always have the girls give each other a small gift for birthdays and Christmas.  Sophia gave Paris a jar of Nutella and it may have been one of Paris' favorite gifts! :)

The school year is off to a great start and I'm excited to see the girls' achievements this year!  Here are a couple of pictures from the first day of school:

Hope y'all have a great week!

Friday, August 15, 2014
My Campers Are Back!

Marvin & Paris are both home from camp!  Marvin was obviously at Panthers Training Camp and Paris went to Student Takeover Camp hosted by our church.  Sophia and I had some nice one-on-one girls time, but we both were so happy when Paris & Marvin came back home!

Paris had so many stories to share from camp.  I'm so happy that she had such a positive and inspiring experience.  Our church is awesome, so I wasn't surprised that their youth camp was just as amazing.  It was her first overnight camp though and I was a little nervous having her away from home.  I was able to follow the camp using their hashtag, so I stalked checked in from time to time.  There has been a noticeable change in Paris since attending camp and I'm excited to see how God works through her this upcoming school year!

Speaking of school, I can hardly believe that summer is winding down.  We have been slowly crossing off items from our McNutt Summer Live List, but still have a ways to go to finish it up.  Our goal is to have it complete before the first day of fall.

While Paris & Marvin were at camp, Sophia and I had breakfast on the patio, hung out at the pool & park, attended the first Panthers preseason game, and had an ice cream date.

We welcomed Marvin home earlier this week & jumped for joy in rain puddles that he was home.  And this mama has finally caught up on some much needed sleep!

Friday, August 1, 2014
Love Week & Other Happenings

This week has been life changing for me.  Our church kicked off their 5th annual Love Week this week.  Love Week is a great opportunity to serve in our community for those in need.  Last year there were 11,000 volunteers and 58,720 volunteer hours logged.  This year Love Week is on track to be even bigger, so I can't wait to hear the numbers in the coming weeks!  Originally, I had signed up for one event and before the event had ended, I knew I would be serving all week long and that's what I did.  Many of the volunteer opportunities were family friendly, so Paris and Sophia were able to serve alongside me.  It has been such an incredible feeling serving with my daughters.  Marvin also had a break from Panthers Camp and was able to join me for an event and Paris signed up solo for an event with her youth group.  Tonight we are celebrating our week by attending our church's live album recording at Time Warner Cable arena!  It will be the girls first concert, so we are very pumped!  Love week has allowed our children to understand that there are people around us that need our help and not to be selfish.  Love Week has given me so much life and I will be forever grateful for my first Love Week!  I encourage you to find volunteer opportunities in your community to give back.  It changes the lives of others along with changing yours.

In other news... Marvin is in Spartanburg, SC for Panthers Training Camp!  Which means I can practically feel the rumblings of Bank of America stadium when kickoff begins!  I can't wait for the first preseason game on August 8th!  The girls and I drove to Spartanburg to watch one of Marvin's practices this week. It was great to watch him in his element and the girls had fun at the Play 60 event that was happening.  The girls did some football drills and we indulged in huge snow cones!  They also knocked out another activity from our McNutt Summer Live List: Find a big hill and roll down it.  They giggled all the way down and then itched for the entire hour and half ride home.  They both broke out in hives immediately after they were done rolling. A couple days later Paris said, "Mom, that rolling down the hill wasn't really one of my favorites on our list..."
Memories, sweetheart, memories. :)

We also celebrated Christmas in July!  The girls had so much fun with this!  I made frozen hot chocolate, we watched Christmas movies, and changed into our Christmas jams.  I even cranked up the AC for a bit, so the girls could snuggle in blankets like we normally would during Christmas time.

Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipe:
2 cups of milk
5-6 packets of Hot Chocolate mix
4 cups of ice

Blend all ingredients.  Swirl glass with chocolate syrup and top with whipped cream and marshmallows.  I also added powdered mini donuts to the straw.